McKinsey & Company is dedicated to developing female leaders. We want to help you bring your best and true self to your current and future roles. We invite you to apply for our virtual classes.

This is a series of virtual sessions to learn and develop your own skills. McKinsey experts and consultants will share their knowledge and real stories with you on variety of topics from communication to problem solving.

All you need to join is your laptop with internet connection and a telephone.

FIRST CLASS: Structured communication 
Are you wondering why some emails feel easy to read and leave you “ready-for -action” while others make you feel confused and impatient? If you think that one of the keys may be structure, you could be interested in learning about one of the best tools for structuring business communication – the Pyramid Principle. Coming from within McKinsey, it is a tool that can help you structure your thoughts and get your message across.
This highly-interactive session may change the way you have been thinking about communication.

Date: Tuesday, 30 May
Time: 18:00-19:30 CET
To make the classes more interactive and engaging we limited the number of places available!
To apply send us your CV by Tuesday, 23 May.